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Call American Gymnastics Academy, your source for youth gymnastics classes and summer camp in Long Beach, CA. American Gymnastics Academy is a premier gymnastics school with classes for children at all skill levels. From “Tiny-Tots” working on eye-hand coordination, to Seniors in High School perfecting their craft, AGA doesn’t just teach gymnastics, they adhere to life’s lessons through hard work and perseverance. We serve residents in and around Los Altos and Long Beach, CA interested in Gymnastic Classes or those who are looking for a fun summer camp. Our summer camp goes from the beginning of July through the end of August and has programs for students of all skill levels. Our gymnastics school is perfect for students in Long Beach, Los Altos, Seal Beach, Lakewood, Rossmore and Cerritos. Call or visit American Gymnastics School today!

Gymnastics Lessons

Not only can gymnastics teach your child flexibility and balance, but gymnastics can also teach your child life long lessons that they can use for years to come. Because each child is emerged into the environment of hard work, they learn dedication and self-discipline. Finding the right school, instructors, and gym to teach your children these lessons is vital for their learning process.

Each school should be focused on every child’s learning capabilities. Learning the children’s names and working one-on-one with each child is imperative. Children of all ages learn so many lifelong lessons in gymnastics that this sport not only engages the children’s bodies, but their minds and hearts as well.

Gymnastics is hard work! Each child of all ages is encouraged to exercise to their capabilities, from practicing at home with supervision, to doing well in class. Dedication is also an imperative aspect to gymnastics as well as everyday life. Each child is expected to come to class on time and prepared to learn, teaching time management and responsibility. Practicing gymnastics as children and adolescents leads to the habit of practice as adults with work and school. Children learn the importance of obedience, following directions, paying attention despite distractions, patience, sharing, and encouragement. 

Gymnastics is not only a wonderful sport for every age, but it is also a great life lesson taught. Through hard work and dedication, children and adolescents take these lessons learned in gymnastics to the real world, practicing them in school, home, and work.

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